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  • Squawk-IT creates new highly viewable real-estate for ads that didn't exist before. This allows you to have an additional content monetization option with no interruption to the current ad stack


  • You can choose from our comprehensive suite of ad formats:  Native Video and Display Units or innovative templates designed to gracefully  blend into the user experience 


  • Global top demand: Our exchange connections bring exclusive access to 100+ DSPs and over 5,000 programmatic buyers representing top brands from around the world


  • Your site will also earn Engagement Tokens (ENGTs) as your users generate them in their platform usage and spend them on promoting comments and other "share of voice" promoting actions


Best of all our experienced Ad-Tech team will make sure you are receiving the best monetization solution for your site and handle all the details. It is completely hands off. We will take care of all the tedious stuff. 

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